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Process of Pirate Adventure

For every illustration that I make, there is a process. Each illustration that I do takes at least 2 weeks to compleate.

The first step that I take to create my illustration is to simply get inspired and brainstrom. I then make-up a list, writing down some ideas of what to include in my piece. I also look-up other images for inspiration, and even do some research.

The next step is to do thumbnails. Thumbnails help me figure out the overall compostition of the piece. They are also drawn small, so I can sketch down my ideas quickly. I typically draw 10-35, depending on the piece.

After doing my thumbnails, I then move onto the next step, which is choosing the most interesting thumbnail, and scaling it up to size. I then begin to work on the final drawing. I typically try to work everything out before working on the final piece. This normally takes me at least a week to figure out and draw.

Once I finally have everything figured-out in the final drawing, I can then move onto the final step, which is painting on the piece. I use acrylic paint, and once the painting is done and everything is dry, I then draw an inkline on everything in the foreground. This step takes me 3-5 days.

Overally, my whole process from start to finish takes at least two weeks for each piece.

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